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Beer, Wine Spirits & Alcohol Beverage License Law

We at Carlson & Carlson can assist you in all areas of the alcohol beverage business. We can help determine your Business Structure and business planning. Whether buying or transferring an existing Liquor License business such as restaurant, hotel or retail outlet or starting up a Craft Brewery, or Winery or Distillery we can get you through the tangle of the administrative law for local, state and federal licensing. We can defend you or employees accused of License Violations for serving underaged minors or visibly intoxicated persons.

Our attorneys are experienced at all levels of the historic “Three Tiered System” of government regulation whether (a) licensing manufacturers/importers or (b) wholesaler/distributors or (c) retailers; whether the local municipal town government, State of Colorado or the Federal Alcohol, Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TBB). We can assure you compliance in the design and approval of Wine Labels in the COLA application process. We represent restaurants, retailers, brewpubs who are craft breweries and vineyards. Contact us today as to how we can help you and your business.

  • Service Areas
  • License Application
  • Transfer of License
  • Enforcement Action Defense
  • Equipment Financing
  • Temporary and Event Permits
  • Business Organization
  • Distribution Agreements
  • Wine Label Application [COLA]

Types of Licenses:

  • Beer and Wine
  • Tavern
  • Hotel and Restaurant
  • Retail Liquor
  • Resort
  • Craft Brewery
  • Winery or Distillery

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