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Child Custody

Child Custody

Will I get to spend time with my children? How can I make sure my rights as a parent are protected?

Without a doubt, your children are your first priority when going through a divorce. Fortunately, Colorado law is focused on this as well. It operates under the presumption that a child fares better when both parents are involved in his or her upbringing. There are exceptions to this, if a negligent parent could do harm to a child. Overall, the goal is to create a stable upbringing for the child post-divorce.

As Summit County child custody lawyers, we, at Carlson & Carlson Attorneys-at-Law, P.C., aim to provide our clients with the advocacy and legal knowledge they need to protect their rights as well as the level-headedness required to make fair, favorable decisions for all parties involved. Our experience in a wide range of legal disciplines has given us a teamwork mentality that anticipates issues and addresses them before they arise.

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A Focus On Family From Experienced Breckenridge Parenting Time Lawyers

Colorado has technically changed the legal term for typical child custody rights to "parental responsibilities and parental duties." "Visitation" has also been replaced with the term "parenting time" in an effort to balance out child care responsibilities between parents. Even if a child has a primary residence with one parent, his or her parents may share parenting responsibilities equally in joint custody arrangements.

Determining primary residence for a child and adequate parenting time agreements can be contentious in some cases. How and when a child moves between households must be clearly detailed, even if parents are working together to find a solution. Life continues to change long after a divorce is final, which is why it is crucial you work with an attorney who can anticipate what might happen in the future so that it may be considered today.

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