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Divorce proceedings require a thorough exchange of information and legal forms, which can be challenging to complete on your own, especially as emotions are running high. These forms include a Petition with the Court, a Summons and financial records such as an affidavit of financial affairs, W-2s, income and tax return information.

It is best to work with an experienced team of Breckenridge divorce lawyers to help you meet court demands thoroughly and protect your best interests in issues of child custody, child support, alimony or complex property division.

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The Colorado Divorce Procedure

In an effort to encourage less adversarial divorce proceedings, Colorado law requires separating couples go through a two-step process for any divorce filing. The process involves:

1) Meeting with a family court facilitator: Not an attorney, and not a mediator, the family court facilitator does just that. He or she informs each party of a divorce of expected procedures and what information must be provided, then determining whether or not a hearing is required before a judge.

2) Resolving in court: Depending on the level of contention between the divorcing parties, one or more hearings may be required to finalize a divorce. If there are major disagreements, multiple hearings may be required. These could include a Temporary Orders hearing, a hearing on child support, a hearing on maintenance or a Final Orders hearing to cover all issues of the divorce.

“Gray Divorces” and Divorce with a Mentally Ill, Disturbed or Disabled Spouse

The descent of a spouse into a mental condition that leaves them unable to function in the world is tragic. It is even more devastating when treatment is refused for a manageable condition. Sometimes the burden is simply too much to bear. In these rare situations one is often left with no choice but to divorce to save oneself and the children if any.

We at Carlson & Carlson have seen and represented clients in an increasing number of “gray divorces” of older couples and “special needs” divorces in these difficult situations.

Colorado has established special procedures for such cases. They require a Sorenson hearing [In re the Marriage of Sorensen, 166 P.3d 254 (Colo. App. 2007)] as to when a guardian ad litem is to be appointed for the mentally challenged spouse. They courts require a special review of any settlement or the outcome. We at Carlson & Carlson are one of the few law firms with multiple case experience in Sorensen hearings and Sorensen type cases.

A recent article in the Denver Post by Sarah Skidmore Sell touches on this very subject. Click Here to read full article. 

Divorce a harder financial hit for couples who split later in life
By Sarah Skidmore Sell, The Associated Press

 Child Custody And Your Family's Best Interests

Some situations may require specific participation in a program. For example, if you have children, you will be required to attend a parenting class. Our goal is always to protect the best interest of any child involved in a divorce. In some cases, this requires us to make sure you, as a parent, remain in strong financial standing post-divorce. In others, we need to take action in protecting children from a negligent or abusive parent.

The process can be challenging, particularly if you are unfamiliar with the law and what types of issues need to be accounted for. Work with an experienced lawyer at our firm to gain an understanding and start off on the right foot.

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